Patient listens to soothing music through Surgical Serenity Solutions headphones

Three Important Differences Between Ambient Music in the O.R. and SurgicalSerenitySolution patented delivery process.

When Surgical Serenity Solutions was created in 2009, music in the O.R. was already an accepted practice. Surgeons knew that it helped keep their energy up during a long surgery and kept them better focused. But the music was primarily being chosen for the benefit and taste of the surgeon, which was “hit or miss” for the patient.

A shocking moment of truth came for me which a nurse at a local hospital here in Louisville, KY, told me that a surgeon she worked with, routinely operated to the song “Another One Bites the Dust,” by QUEEN. I was upset, angry, and determined that patients would have another choice. When the patient is provided with pre-loaded, cordless headphones, that play the very best slow, soothing, rhythmic music for the patient, THEN the surgeon can choose whatever music he wants. (But even then, I wouldn’t want “Another One Bites the Dust.” That’s just disrespectful to the patient!)

In line with that, let me tell you the biggest difference between the patient having their own music through headphones, and ambient music in the operating room, coming through speakers in the wall or a boombox on a nearby counter.

1. The Surgical Serenity Solution has been specifically created to synchronize the anxious patient’s rapid heartbeat and breathing to the slow, steady tempo of the proprietary music on our headphones. This music was scientifically chosen by a musicologist to best do this, starting in the pre-op area.

When the music is chosen by the surgical staff, it is primarily chosen for THEIR benefits. With our headphones, both patient and surgeon can have what is best for them.

2. Surgical Serenity Solutions is delivered exclusively through lightweight, cordless headphones. When the patient listens to the soothing music through our headphones, not only does the process of rhythmic entrainment happen faster, but other music that staff has chosen is blocked, as well as staff conversations that could be potentially upsetting to patient.

Many of our customers use the headphones for joint replacement surgery. These surgeries usually include hammering, drilling and sawing. This is very disconcerting to the patient who doesn’t have our headphones bringing soothing music into their brains through the 8th cranial nerve.

3. When ambient music is played in the operating room, the belief is that the patient will not be hearing or affected by music that the staff is listening to. Over the last 25 years, I have heard many patients say that they did hear the Dr’s music and were not happy with it, but felt they had no choice but to endure it. Our proprietary playlist is specifically chosen for its ability to engage rhythmic entrainment, so that the body relaxes and the heart-rate and breathing stabilize and synchronize to the music, which is tempo of the healthy, resting, heartbeat!

And now, in addition to the pre-loaded headphones, hospitals and other healthcare facilities can license our five playlists that have been created for surgery and the entire perioperative period. To learn more about this, go to

And for individual patients who want to sample this music, download the free app from Apple Store or Google Play Store at

Physicians have known for thousands of years that music soothes the patient. Why not give them the #1 option to deliver the very best music to them safely and effectively?




Clinical musicologist; creator of SurgicalSerenitySolutions. We provide pre-programmed headphones for surgery with our proprietary, clinically tested music.

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Dr. Alice H. Cash

Dr. Alice H. Cash

Clinical musicologist; creator of SurgicalSerenitySolutions. We provide pre-programmed headphones for surgery with our proprietary, clinically tested music.

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