A Patented Process for Choosing Music to Reduce Pain and Anxiety During Surgery

Surgery patient listens to Surgical Serenity music before surgery to calm anxiety

Having surgery causes anxiety in most people. Just the thought of having surgery can induce feelings of helplessness and fear that are completely understandable. Having surgery means that there is a problem, something is not right. Even elective surgery, like cosmetic surgery causes considerable anxiety.

How can patients experiencing anxiety related to upcoming medical/dental procedures avoid chemicals and the associated risk of addiction or negative side-effects?

Some people are extremely sensitive to anesthesia. Perhaps they’ve already had a negative reaction to anesthesia but have been informed that they must have surgery for very valid reasons.

And then there’s the redhead dilemma! It is a documented fact that redheads require more anesthesia because their metabolism breaks down these chemicals faster. It is a fact.

So, when I had the idea to create a headphone for patients that would be already programmed with the ideal music for surgery, every medical person I talked to said “you’d better get a patent! That is a great idea and many people will try to copy you.” And so, even though it was REALLY expensive to get the patent, I proceeded with the preliminary patent, and then the final patent, which I received in October of 2008.

Although our music is proprietary, I can tell you that the music you want to listen to in the perioperative period needs to be purely instrumental and have the overall tempo of the healthy, resting, heartbeat. The music should be played either by a single instrument, or a very small ensemble, like a trio or quartet.

I have taught many people how to put together their own surgery playlist, but as a woman in Los Angeles told me the other day, “what I like about your business is that it’s one-stop shopping and you’ve already done the work for me!” It’s true.

If you’re a hospital, get a starter box of pre-loaded headphones with 50 pair disposable headphones here: https://www.surgicalserenitysolutions.com/12-pre-loaded-headphones-for-hospitals/.

If you’re the patient, get your headphones here: https://www.surgicalserenitysolutions.com/patient-products/

Having a patent that covers the concept and process of how to choose the ideal music for surgery, as well as drawings for one particular solution, has been a huge asset in establishing my credibility. These headphones and our proprietary music have been used around the world. To learn more and to download our surgery app, go to www.surgicalserenitysolutions.com/calm

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Dr. Alice H. Cash

Clinical musicologist; creator of SurgicalSerenitySolutions. We provide pre-programmed headphones for surgery with our proprietary, clinically tested music.